Planning a Family Reunion in Texas? Try These 5 Bright Ideas |

Nothing makes for a ton of fun like having a good, old-fashioned family reunion. While to some people the idea of a reunion may seem a bit antiquated, in this “go-go” world of today, being able to get together with your family once a year is a nice way to connect with the ones you love and hold dear.But when it comes to family reunions, they can often be somewhat chaotic and stressful simply because there has to be some level of consensus as to what types of activities will be a part of the get-together & where the reunion will be taking place. If you’re already stressing over planning flights, taking time off (if applicable), or making sure you lose those pesky ten pounds before everyone sees you, the one thing you want to look forward to is killer activities that bring a smile to everyone’s face.Well, if it has been decided that your family reunion will be in the great state of Texas, you’re in luck. The Lone Star State has a lot to offer and quite a large amount of space with which to work. If you’re part of the planning committee for the ‘shin-dig’, here are five different ideas to make your next reunion absolutely rock:1. Family “Reunion-lympics” – Organized games, kind of like the yearly amateur Games of Texas, provide a way for family members to have fun with one another, engage in some friendly competition, and catch-up with everyone at the same time. Some games you could take into consideration are volleyball & horseshoes that can involve family members of all ages. You could even have a medal ceremony.2. Record Family Recipes – Put together the best recipes in a collection to be shared by the whole family. Since you’re in Texas, this could be chili recipes or even “King Ranch” chicken recipes. Make the title of the ‘cookbook’ the year of the reunion, which can be nice if you decide to make it a tradition that has multiple editions.3. “Pecan” Family Tree – Since you’re in Texas, incorporate the long-living Pecan tree into a neat activity. Impose a pecan tree on some poster board, and have everyone add their part to the whole family tree. This could get a little crazy in terms of entries, so you can also create a “pecan” computer file to which you add to, and you can use this to create a neat family tree book for each family.4. A “Bootin’, Scootin'” Talent Show – Give the whole family a chance to get their cowboy hat & boots on and put on a fun talent show. You can make it thematic to match your Texas surroundings & sing the best music the state has to offer. Given how diverse Texas is, this can include polka, Tejano, country, and rock music.5. Scavenger Hunt – Sure, Austin is nice, but why not take advantage of the Texas Hill Country & stay in the neighboring town of Fredericksburg, TX? You’re nestled a bit away from the city, which is great because you can have a fun scavenger hunt that takes advantage of the beauty of the Texas Hill Country.A Texan-style family reunion may be the perfect way to get the whole gang together for an amazing time, and if you’re lucky, “y’all” will hopefully call Texas your home away from home!